CSE Puzzle Challenge - Puzzle 18

The Terrors in IT

Moss Trenneman had worked in the IT department of Sunshine Corp. for over 20 years. He had started out a fresh young grad and had climbed the ranks over the years, loving his job more and more each day. In late June of 2018 the IT department had taken on a new junior employee named Richmond, and though he was a little dark Moss had seen a piece of himself in Richmond and began mentoring Richmond like he was a son. As time went on and markets fluctuated, Sunshine Corp. (which had always been family owned), began to fall into financial difficulty. Nicholas Sunshine, then owner of Sunshine Corp., did everything he could to keep the company in one piece and his employees working. Nonetheless, there was nothing to do but sell the company in the end. As heart broken as he was, Nicholas Sunshine always put his employees first, thus he had taken a great loss on the sale of the company to contractually ensure that all his current employees would maintain their jobs and pensions.

On Monday March 19, 2019 the announcement of the sale was made, and Sunshine Corp. began its transition into a new subsidiary of the corporate giant Wick ID Corp. This was not a simple transition for most employees, but for Moss and his little buddy Richmond this meant epic change. Wick ID Corp. brought in IT staff from their head office to help with the transitioning of the current network to the Wick ID Corp. Network, and there were so many of them that Moss and Richmond could barely keep up with all the changes. Moss suddenly found himself locked out of certain areas of the network, and began to grow suspicious of what it was Wick ID Corp actually did.

Using the guise of urgent network map updates due to bottle-necking in high priority areas Moss was able to stay late, long after the Wick ID Corp. staff had gone home, so that he could take a more liberal walk around the network and find out what Wick ID Corp was really up to!

That was three days ago; Moss has not been seen since. Richmond is desperate to find out what might have happened to him, he knows Moss would never have just left him, and he knows the real reason Moss was staying late that night, but all he is allowed to do now is sit and monitor network traffic.  

Can you help?