CSE Puzzle Challenge - Puzzle 16

Cyber Dyner

Alkira and Líonra

In early August (some time around the 4th), Cyber Dyner Systems (CDS) brought online what it thought to be two of its greatest accomplishments, Alkira and Líonra. You see, one of the biggest failures in the cyber dining market was the quality of the wait staff. The pre-programmed response servers were so one dimensional that they were really destroying the cyber dining experience and causing customers to actually return to the use of physical restaurants. Alkira and Líonra were designed to be the ultimate in service experience: an AI exclusively trained by the world’s best waiters, waitresses and bartenders. The world was ecstatic! CDS knew that a failure here would mean the end of the industry. As such, Alkira and Líonra were isolated to a single CDS virtual dining establishment where designers could keep a close eye on their growth as they began to interact with real customers.

All was running smoothly, not even a hiccup, until the end of August (2 days short of the end of the month to be exact). That's when the developers began to notice strange traffic on their system. It was expected that between the hours of 4 and 5 am, Alkira and Líonra would share data pertaining to their individual experiences. This was meant to be the only direct communication between the two AI. However, designers were seeing more and more traffic sent between the two AI, regardless of the time of day. The developers have equated this increase of inter AI communication traffic to Alkira and Líonra's proprietary neural algorithm that allows them to self-adjust using back-propagation. We are not in agreement with the developers, as the service standards of Alkira and Líonra have demonstrated a steady decline. If this were some form of self-adjustment, one would think their service would have improved. Furthermore, there seems to be something fishy in the way they are communicating. We fear that the intelligence level of Alkira and Líonra may have surpassed the developers’ expectations, and that, as a result, they may have actually established a language of their own.

Can you help us figure out what is really happening?

Download file: CyberDyner.pcapng


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