Testimonials – students

Steven - Human Resources Student

I started working at CSE in the summer of 2009. At first the high security environment is a little overwhelming, but it does not take long to get used to and after a little while it just becomes second nature and almost natural. I had to pay a little bit more attention to what I said (to friends) but in the long run this was not only helpful in a professional environment but personally as well.

This term, along with some administrative duties (filing, updating websites and spreadsheets, etc.), I am coordinating an awards program and helping my team plan the annual awards ceremony. I am also working on the Diversity Calendar. I think the longer you work here, the greater responsibility level you have.

People get to know you, and they learn that you can be relied on and trusted. Professionally, working at CSE has taught me a lot, and I have become a more professional person through my experiences. I think with all the skills and tools I have picked up here I could work anywhere!

I am going to come back on my fourth term at CSE. I think that shows it is a great place to work. I have recommended it to friends and acquaintances alike.

Lisa - Computer Science Student

This co-op placement is very different from my first two work terms. I'm doing software development work in Java. The work is challenging. They give you a project that pushes you and pushes your knowledge. If you don't know what you're doing, there's always someone here willing to show you and work with you until you feel comfortable. It's great.

I work in a mini-community. It's focused on team work. There is no one person driving the team. If someone gets an idea, it's discussed and, hey, maybe it's a great idea. It's all about collaboration. You make a personal connection with the professional staff. It's a great place to learn.

I'm taking a day course at university and CSE is very flexible in letting me take the time I need to succeed. One of the values here is learning.

There are so many opportunities at CSE; I would consider working here full time if I get the opportunity.

When I go home, I say to myself: "I've accomplished something today".

France - Communications Student

I'm working in the Corporate Communications area at CSE. This is my third co-op term and my first at CSE. I worked previously for a private company and a non-profit organization.

What I like about CSE is the opportunity it gives me to work on different projects and to meet different people on each project. It's a wide spectrum. I find with each job that I get more responsibility and more room to grow.

Also, people on my team are awesome to work with and very passionate about their jobs; that makes a big difference. I find the employees very open and I don't feel shut off in my cubicle. I like working in a team.

About the high security work environment, it is definitely different. It allows you to separate your work life from your personal life. Both are more clearly demarcated, and that's good.

The work that I do is meaningful and I think provides a very rewarding career path. I would definitely come back and consider a career here.