Cyber Security and Information Assurance

CSE’s Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (the Cyber Centre) helps protect the systems and information that Canadians rely on every day, and is the lead cyber technical authority for the Government of Canada.

We do this in many ways. First, under the CSE Act, CSE is authorized to provide advice, guidance and services to help protect and defend Government of Canada networks from cyber threats. The Cyber Centre provides the government’s information technology community with our expertise and sophisticated cyber security tools to make sure government networks and the important information they contain are well protected.

Second, CSE can also provide cyber security advice, guidance and services to help protect and defend Canada’s critical infrastructure – networks and systems of sectors, organizations or companies designated by the Minister of National Defence as being of importance to the Government of Canada.

What is “Critical Infrastructure”?

These are the major services that you rely on every day. For example, telecommunications companies, energy providers, and banks and financial institutions. Their systems and the information they contain could be designated by the Minister as important to the Government of Canada. If designated, and upon their request, CSE and its Cyber Centre can deploy our sophisticated cyber security tools to help defend and protect them from cyber attacks.

Regardless of designation, the Cyber Centre routinely provides valuable advice and information for all IT Security practitioners: the private and non-profit sectors, as well as provincial, territorial and municipal governments. This includes the most current information to alert them to imminent cyber threats or vulnerabilities, technical advice to make networks more secure, and innovative tools like Assemblyline, a malware detection and analysis tool created by the Cyber Centre and publicly released to the cyber security community.

If a serious cyber incident occurs, the Cyber Centre is there to offer assistance. We are home to the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), and the Government of Canada’s Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), working in close collaboration with other government departments, critical infrastructure, Canadian businesses and international partners to respond to and mitigate cyber incidents.

Cyber Advice Anyone Can Use

CSE’s resources aren’t only for cyber security experts. Get Cyber Safe provides practical tips for keeping your own computers, internet-connected devices and on-line activity protected against cyber criminals and hackers. The site has everything from advice about on-line banking and shopping, password tips and how to give (and receive) that perfect cyber safe gift.

Cyber Security Through Collaboration

A cybersecure Canada needs a team effort. That’s why CSE and the Cyber Centre work closely with experts in the private sector, researchers and academia to share advice, information and collaborate on innovative cyber security ideas. This collaboration raises the cyber security bar for the whole country, and means your information is better protected from threats.

Want to learn more? Visit the Cyber Centre’s website