Pay and benefits – students

Pay scales

CSE offers higher student salaries than other government student programs. Salaries are based on academic level (college, undergraduate, post-graduate) and previous work terms.

Hourly salaries range from $15.29 to $25.97.

Salary table for students
Academic Level First work term Second work term Third work term Fourth work term
College $15.29 $16.83 $17.50 $18.71
University Undergraduate $17.12 $18.48 $19.49 $20.43
University Masters $20.11 $20.64 $22.06 $23.81
Doctorate $22.11 $23.82 $25.97 -


Reimbursement of relocation fees.
As an added incentive to join us in Ottawa, CSE pays for moving expenses at the beginning and at the end of your work term.