Pay and benefits

CSE offers a competitive wage structure, with an annual progression up the pay scales for your position classification level.

Pay scales

What is the salary scale for CSE employees?

At CSE, our non-executive positions, which include everything from Clerical Workers to Team Managers, are organized into different categories which go from Unison (UNI) Level 1 to Level 11.

Annual rates of pay (in dollars) - effective on February 10, 2014

Level Minimum Maximum
UNI-11 $107,116 $126,019
UNI-10 $95,135 $111,927
UNI-09 $84,552 $99,470
UNI-08 $78,820 $92,731
UNI-07 $73,850 $86,881
UNI-06 $66,529 $78,271
UNI-05 $57,213 $67,309
UNI-04 $51,564 $60,737
UNI-03 $46,267 $55,530
UNI-02 $41,685 $50,756
UNI-01 $36,232 $43,813

Our online job postings specify the salary range for all positions being offered by CSE.

Some positions may be eligible for a monetary allowance, as determined by the employer.

CSE’s competitive salaries are complemented by a generous benefits package.


At CSE, we pride ourselves on our progressive approach to the workplace - with family-friendly policies, flexible work hours and practices that empower and support you.

We want you to be confident in your work, and we believe in investing in our employees’ professional and personal development. No matter where you work within CSE, we aim to ensure that you have the time and resources you need to fulfill your potential.

What else can you expect from us?

The annual vacation allowance starts at 15 days for new employees. After 8 years of service, you will be entitled to 20 days. Unused vacation leave can be carried over to the next year, up to a maximum of 35 days. Any unused leave credits in excess of 35 days will be paid to you in cash.

Sick leave
CSE employees earn paid sick leave for a total of up to 15 days per year.

Paid and unpaid special leave
Leave is available for special occasions and certain unexpected events or voluntary activities in your life.

Maternity and parental leave
Our policies are generous and flexible to help you cope with the demands of a new child.

As a federal government agency we offer a very attractive and competitive pension plan.

Reimbursement of relocation fees
As an added incentive to join us in Ottawa, CSE will pay for your house-hunting trip and moving expenses (for employees joining us from outside the National Capital Region).

Well-being support
CSE’s on-site Counselling and Advisory Program professionals promote mental and physical fitness through a variety of activities, workshops and seminars for our employees.

Dental and healthcare plans
Coverage is available for prescription drugs, vision care, paramedical practitioners, and hospitalization for you and your family.

Disability and life insurance
Insurance coverage is available to protect you and your family, should the unexpected happen.

A community
Our diverse workforce of professionals expands their working relationships through our social events, clubs and societies.

On-site facilities
Our current facilities include cafeterias, showers and lockers. As of 2014, on-site facilities will include a variety of food service options, fitness centre and walking/jogging trails.

Awards and recognition
Our employees enjoy real recognition for their work. Employees are eligible to be nominated for Corporate Awards (Excellence, Citizenship, Workplace Engagement and Career Achievement) for which recipients receive financial rewards. Employees are also eligible for instant awards and long service awards.