CSE launches official framework for equity diversity and inclusion

CSE is pleased to announce the release of One CSE: A framework for equity, diversity and inclusion.

The framework is the result of discussion and engagement across the entire organization and sets out a pathway to make CSE a truly inclusive workplace.

“Our goal is that every employee feels – every day – like a valued, contributing member of a welcoming, high-functioning, and respected community. This framework will help us institutionalize equity, expand diversity, and promote an inclusive community at CSE. This is not just the right thing to do. It is our mission imperative.”

Shelly Bruce, Chief CSE

The framework is based on five core principles:

  • CSE is a work in progress
  • CSE learns from mistakes of the past and works toward reconciliation
  • CSE consults and is transparent
  • CSE eliminates barriers and discrimination
  • CSE embeds inclusive practices

“We’ve always been committed to improving HR processes and policies, but having an official strategy really puts us on a strong footing to create change. This framework creates the conditions for us to be much more focused, methodical, and relentless in creating a more inclusive organization.”

Heather Simmie, CSE’s Director, Diversity and Development

CSE is home to a diversity of employee networks that bring together those facing systemic barriers and allies. These groups provided key input to make sure the framework addressed their concerns.

“The EmbRACE Support Network provided CSE with 8 action items, including mandatory anti-racism training, a mentorship program, and removing systemic barriers from hiring and promotion processes. All 8 aspirations are reflected in the framework. There has been much talk over the years that has not been matched by tangible change. The EDI framework has rallied many racialized employees and allies to hope for a stronger and more inclusive CSE.”

Deholo Nali, Chair of the EmbRACE Support Network at CSE

“CSE consulted us at every step of the development of this framework and has emphasized accountability throughout, which is key. The framework encourages employees to suggest new action items, offer feedback and hold the organization to account. CSE’s efforts to ensure everyone feels that they are valued members of the community strengthens the overall mission of the organization by strengthening the people of the organization.”

Heather and Melanie, leads for Women in Cyber and Intelligence at CSE

The framework has 5 strategic elements that form a bridge between the core principles and specific action items:

  • Learning from mistakes of the past
  • Bolstering the effectiveness of our mission
  • Institutionalizing diversity
  • Measuring efforts and tracking progress
  • Creating positive experiences

“The structure of the EDI Framework provides all CSE employees a guideline of core values and strategic actions. For the 2SLGBTQIA+ community this can range from commemorating special dates, facilitating educational opportunities and discussion, to physical changes like universal washrooms.”

Paige, leader of the 2SLGBTQIA+ affinity group at CSE

The strategic elements are designed to reinforce each other so that EDI becomes self-perpetuating.

“The more barriers we can remove, the more diverse talent we will be able to recruit and retain, which will continue to strengthen the organization. I am excited to see the organization embracing this opportunity for growth and change.”

Amy, lead of the Neurodiversity affinity group at CSE

The framework is intended to be evergreen. Each strategic element has a list of action items, that employees are encouraged to add to over time.

“The framework sets out our ambition. It is who we want to be. We have set out the path. Now we need to walk that path, every day, each one of us. It is only when all of us are working together to break down barriers and build a culture of respect for all, that we will succeed in living up to the aspirations of the framework.”

Artur Wilczynski, former Assistant Deputy Minister and Senior Advisor for People, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at CSE
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