Blueprint 2020 @ CSE


For 70 years, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) has been committed to protecting Canada and Canadians from a range of threats by providing foreign signals intelligence and protecting Canada’s most sensitive systems and information. Based on the expertise gained in these missions, we also provide technical and operational assistance to federal law enforcement and security organizations.

Every day, our dedicated employees strive for excellence in delivering our mandate. Our people are determined, purposeful and passionate about their contribution to Canada’s national security, and protecting Canada against foreign-based terrorist, espionage, cyber and other serious threats. We help inform decision-making in the fields of national defence and foreign policy, providing a better understanding of global events and helping to further Canada’s interests in the world.

We care not just about what we do, but also how we do it. This March CSE will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of MOSAiC, an engagement strategy launched in early 2013 to transform ourselves, our organization and our work environment. MOSAiC is CSE’s response to Blueprint 2020. Since its inception, MOSAiC has evolved and its influence now touches every part of our organization. It has shaped our vision for the future through the promotion of five key attributes: Sustainability, Agility, Innovation, Collaboration and Determined Community. As we continue to adapt to an ever-changing and increasingly complex technological landscape, we recognize a need to continually improve the way we work. We accomplish this through MOSAiC “Tiles” which are crosscutting activities: some quick wins, some long-term strategic projects. Whether the focus is on enabling and empowering staff, creating efficiencies through innovation and collaboration, or promoting wellness and diversity, we undertake these initiatives in the spirit of moving CSE towards the shared vision of a world-class Public Service.


Mosaic CSE’s response to BP2020

MOSAiC continues to address transformation objectives for ourselves, our organization and our environment. Since early 2013, MOSAiC has evolved and its influence now touches every part of our organization and has shaped our vision for the future.

Mosaic continues to promote the following:


  •   Innovation:


    leverage diversity to produce inspired ideas

  •   Collaboration:


    seek and build diverse and durable relationships within CSE and with partners

  •   Agility:


    adapt with ease to drive new ideas and outcomes forward respecting the need to be accountable

  •   Sustainability:


    care for ourselves, our knowledge, our neighbours, our infrastructure and the environment

  •   Determined Community:


    being the most creative, flexible, high-tech and people-first government department we can be



Activities – some quick wins, some long-term strategic projects in the spirit of our attributes that move CSE towards the shared vision of a world class Public Service.

28 unique tiles

  • 12
    closed and completed
    • 6 short-term quick wins that helped move us to our new building
    • 4 process-automation tiles to streamline workflow
    • 2 policy and business planning tiles to strengthen Communities of Interest
  • 16
    are on-going long-term strategic objectives
    Examples include:
    • Flexible Teaming
    • Healthy Workplace
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

but it also extends beyond activities, projects and initiatives into our changing culture and the daily work lives and output of our employees and our partners.