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Dr. Megan Dewar, Dr. John Proos, and co-author Dr. David Pike (Memorial University) recently published a paper on Connectivity in Hypergraphs in the June 2018 edition of the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.


May 17, 2018 : Annual Tutte Lecture : Dr. Kristin Lauter

The Tutte Lecture, hosted annually in celebration of Dr. William Tutte’s birthday (May 14), is given by a distinguished mathematician to a broad CSE audience. This year’s lecture was given by Dr. Kristin Lauter, Principal Researcher and Research Manager for the Cryptography Group at Microsoft Research.

Abstract: This talk will describe a mathematical solution for securely handling outsourced computation in the cloud, using homomorphic encryption.  One application is to provide private storage and computation on genomic data, to protect the long-term privacy of the data.  Many other applications in the health, financial, and public sectors can make use of homomorphic encryption techniques to securely and privately store and compute on encrypted data.  Current solutions for Homomorphic Encryption are based on hard problems in number theory related to lattices.  This talk will survey the theory and practice of homomorphic encryption today.

Biography:  Dr. Kristin Lauter is Principal Researcher and Research Manager for the Cryptography group at Microsoft Research.  Her research areas are number theory and algebraic geometry, with applications to cryptography.  She is particularly well known for her work on homomorphic encryption and elliptic curve cryptography. 

June 1 – 4, 2018 : Canadian Mathematical Society Summer Meeting 2018

Dr. Gary Walsh is co-organizing a session on Computational and Diophantine Number Theory and Dr. Colin Weir is giving a talk titled Diophantine equations counting supersingular hyperelliptic curves.

June 4, 2018 : The Field Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences: Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Program

Dr. Francois Theberge has been invited by the Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Program to give a talk on Hypergraph Modularity and Clustering.

June 12, 2018 : PyData Ann Arbor Meetup

Dr. Leland McInnes will be giving an invited talk on PCA, t-SNE, and UMAP: modern Approaches to Dimension Reduction.

July 9 – 13, 2018 : Canadian Number Theory Association Conference

The Tutte Institue for Mathematics and Computing (TIMC) is providing funding to the Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA) for its 15th conference in Quebec City, Quebec, at Laval University.

The CNTA was founded in 1987 for the purpose of enhancing and promoting learning and research in number theory, particularly in Canada.

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