Professional Development

CSE offers a range of development opportunities.

International Postings

CSE offers international postings with our partner organizations in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. CSE has a dedicated team of professionals to assist our employees and their families in preparing for and adjusting to a new environment.


CSE supports secondments of our employees to other federal government organizations. Working on assignment with another Government of Canada department or agency is an excellent way to stretch your skills and abilities in a related – or even a completely different area.

Mentoring Program

Through CSE’s leadership development program, employees working as supervisors and managers are paired with an experienced CSE leader. Through this mentoring relationship, CSE employees receive invaluable advice and guidance in the day-to-day aspects of their work – and on developing their careers.

Coaching Circle

CSE’s Counselling and Advisory Program facilitates regular coaching circles where supervisors and managers support one another by discussing successful approaches and ways to address specific challenges.

Supervisor’s Leadership Network

This network of CSE Supervisors meets regularly throughout the year. Activities are designed to support development to CSE employees in supervisory positions. Recent examples of network activity include a 360 degree feedback process on leadership style and seminars on leadership competencies.

The Aspiring Leaders Network

This network is designed to help employees start building skills and confidence in advance of taking on leadership roles. The Aspiring Leaders Network is open to any "aspiring" leaders.

Professional development

We support our employees in exploring long-term training programs to complete or undertake a degree. CSE provides education assistance, under special circumstances, to help our people with the financial and time commitments involved in undertaking continuing education.

Second language training

CSE has a well-established official languages learning program for employees who wish to improve their French or English language skills.

In-house training

CSE offers courses in Information Technology Security, Signals Intelligence, and other highly specialized and business-related topics. Personal development and wellness courses are also offered to employees throughout the year.

On-line training

On-line course offerings include approximately 500+ courses, addressing topics such as management, leadership, soft skills, information technology, workplace safety, languages and operational security. CSE also provides computer-based training and e-learning courses on our classified network.

Opportunities for advancement

With all of these development opportunities to explore, it's up to you where you take your career with us.

CSE offers a fair, transparent process for its job competitions.

There are excellent opportunities for advancement at CSE and there are many options to explore new work challenges and acquire new skills.

So, whether you want to develop your skills in another area of CSE or advance to a higher level in the same field, we are excited about helping you reach your career potential.