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Use SSC Internet Gateways - HTML5 Transcript/Captions

(This video opens to the Communications Security Establishment logo on a black background. In a government of Canada office space, a man writes an email at his computer; other office workers can be seen in the background.)

We use technology and networks to do Government of Canada business every day.

(The man closes the open windows on his computer screen and leaves his seat. The camera zooms in on the computer’s background image. It depicts a landscape of the green mountain tops and river of a fjord. Camera pans across the landscape.)

But if you’re not properly protecting your networks, they’re vulnerable.

(The title appears: “Communications Security Establishment - Top 10 IT Security Actions - Use SSC Internet Gateways.”)

That’s where the Communications Security Establishment comes in. We’re here to give you the support and advice you need.

(On a nature trail, two hikers, a man and a woman, head towards a summit. The terrain turns rocky as they get closer to the top. A sign cautions against falling rocks. The two hikers now climb using their hands, carefully choosing stable rocks to step on. A rock tumbles down under the foot of the climber; he watches his step.)

Hiking in rugged terrain requires vigilance. Being aware of your surroundings can help you anticipate challenges and avoid potential hazards.

(Walking across the vast expanse of the summit, they come to a halt. After observing their surroundings, the two hikers exchange a look. The woman turns her back to her partner.)

This same level of alertness is required for monitoring your internet connection. You need to choose the best path.

(He pulls out a GPS from her backpack’s small side pocket. She turns around and moves closer to him as he activates it. A map and path appear on the GPS screen. The hikers are seen from above. An interface materializes around them and depicts the GPS path in the real world environment.)

For government systems, that path is Shared Services Canada’s Internet Gateways. The SSC Gateways combine commercial defences with CSE’s customized cyber defence technology.

(As the GPS scans the surroundings, the holographic path changes the trail route after detecting a possible hazard along the way. An alternate holographic path appears. The trail turns green as no hazard is detected. The path is safe. The hikers resume their walk; this time in the direction of the hazard-free trail.)

These defences reveal threats to your networks. And allow you to respond more quickly when threats arise. No substitute will ensure your network security better.

(They walk down a rocky slope.)

A trusted gateway is the path to better protection and security.

(The woman examines the GPS screen. They arrive at a mountainside giving view to the river and other mountain tops of the fjord. The camera zooms back and the landscape turns into the background computer image from the beginning of the video. The office worker is back at his desk. He composes an email and sends it. The holographic icon of a mail envelope appears above his computer screen, illustrating that he sends a reply safely through SSC’s internet gateway.)

Using SSC’s Internet Gateways is just one of CSE’s Top Ten IT Security Actions.

(The CSE building exterior is shown in its entirety. Multicolored triangles reminiscent of the CSE building’s triangular windows appear to form a motif. Inside it, the words: “Advice Guidance Services” emerge.)

Protect your networks. Protect Canada’s information.

(The words are then replaced with the CSE Web site address: “”.)

Visit CSE online to learn more about the Top Ten.