Annual Report to Parliament on the Administration of the Access to Information Act 2018-2019

Appendix I: Delegation of Authority



Access to Information Act Delegation Order

The Minister of National Defence, pursuant to section 73 or the Access to information Act, hereby designates the persons holding the positions set out below, or the persons occupying on an acting basis those positions, to exercise the powers, duties and functions of the Minister of National Defence as the head of the Communications Security Establishment, under the provisions of the Access to information Act and related regulations set out below for each position.

  • Chief, Communication Security Establishment: joint authority under subsection 20(6) (public interest disclosure) with the Deputy Chief, Policy and Communications.
  • Deputy Chief, Policy and Communication : full authority, except joint authority under subsection20(6) (public interest disclosure) with the Chief, Communications Security Establishment.
  • Director General, Policy, Disclosure and Review: full authority, except for paragraph 20(6) (public interest discloure).
  • Director, Disclosures and In formation Sharing: full authority, except for subsection 20(6) (public interest disclosure).
  • Manager, Disclosures: full authority, except for subsection 20(6) (public interest disclosure).
  • Supervisor, Access to Information and Privacy Operations: subsection 7(a) only when no record exists (notice) section 9 (extension of time limits), section 11 (fees), sections 27 and 28(consultation to third party documents).

This delegation order replaces all previous delegation orders.

Dated at Ottawa, this 26th day of April 2018.

Original signed by:
The Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan, PC,OMM. MSM. CD. MP