Annual Report to Parliament on the Administration of the Access to Information Act 2018-2019

Institutional Access to Information Policies and Procedures

In 2018-2019, the ATIP Operations team continued to streamline its procedures through an initiative with its Offices of Primary Interest (OPIs) to increase efficiency and timeliness in the processing of requests by shifting the initial review of records to the ATIP Office. This initiative will continue to be monitored for effectiveness throughout the next fiscal year.

ATIP Operations focused on building internal partnerships with frequently tasked areas by moving towards processing requests electronically and by continuing to develop a rationale database to ensure consistency between releases. Frequent collaborations with CSE’s Legal Disclosures unit have allowed the ATIP Operations team to ensure that exemptions under the Access to Information Act are consistent with redactions applied during Canada Evidence Act s.38 processes.

CSE was onboarded into the ATIP Online Request Service (AORS) late in 2018-2019, giving CSE the ability to receive Access to Information requests online directly from the requestor. The AORS is a centralized website developed by TBS that enables users to complete access to information requests and submit them to any of the institutions that are subject to the Government of Canada’s Access to Information Act.