Annual Report to Parliament on the Administration of the Access to Information Act 2018-2019

Key Activities and Accomplishments

Education and Training

CSE is committed to the ongoing learning and development of its employees and has put a special emphasis on reaching new hires by delivering ATIP training to incoming co-op students. A total of 167 new co-op students received ATIP training in fiscal year 2018-2019.

CSE has taken a tailored approach to training Subject Matter Experts (SME) on their legislative requirements, roles and responsibilities. The ATIP Office regularly met with SMEs to deliver training and respond to questions in order to facilitate their review of CSE information. Representatives from the ATIP Office also participated in CSE’s Career Fair to provide information to employees across the organization about the importance of ATIP in the Government of Canada.  CSE also encourages employees to take the Canada School of Public Service ATIP training course and the ATIP Office continues to make educational resources available via a dedicated page on the internal web.