Awareness Publications (ITSAP)

Pub # Title Date Download
ITSAP.00.005 Common GC Employee IT Security Challenges 2017-10-30 HTML // PDF (0.97 MB)
ITSAP.00.100 Spotting Malicious E-mail Messages 2017-05-12 HTML // PDF (0.68 MB)
ITSAP.00.087 Mobile Devices and Business Travellers 2017-05-04 HTML // PDF (0.74 MB)
ITSAP.00.003 ITS Advice and Guidance Publications Renewal 2016-09-29 HTML // PDF (0.78 MB)
ITSAP.00.002 GC Security Zones and Dongle Effectiveness 2016-07-14 HTML // PDF (0.86 MB)
ITSAP.00.001 Using your Mobile Device Securely 2016-07-05 HTML // PDF (0.59 MB)


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