Archived Publications

The following publications identified as archived are provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. They are not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and have not been altered or updated since they were archived. Please contact our ITS Client Services team or our COMSEC Client Services team to request a copy of a publication.

Pub # Title Archived Date Superseded By
ITSD-06 Directive for the Control of COMSEC Material in the Canadian Private Sector 2017-02-08 ITSD-06A
ITSP.30.031 V2 User Authentication Guidance for Information Technology Systems 2018-04-24 ITSP.30.031 V3
ITSB-111 Cryptographic Algorithms for Protected Information 2016-09-15 ITSP.40.111
ITSG-11 COMSEC Installation Planning – Guidance and Criteria 2016-04-25 ITSG-11A
ITSA-65 OpenSSL ‘Heartbleed’ Vulnerability and Mitigating Measures (AV14-617, CVE-2014-1060, VU #720951) 2016-04-21
ITSA-66 Microsoft Windows Pass-the-Hash Vulnerability and Mitigations 2016-04-21
ITSB-99 KIK-20 Secure Data Transfer Device 2000 System (SDS) Optimizing Battery Performance - IT Security Bulletin for the Government of Canada 2015-10-23
ITSB-68 End of Support for Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and Microsoft Office 2003 - Guidance for the Government of Canada 2016-04-21
ITSB-89A-SC CSEC Top 35 Mitigation Measures with Security Controls - Guidance for the Government of Canada 2015-05-14 ITSB-89 v3
ITSA-64 Forbes Magazine Contains Embedded Wi-Fi Router 2016-04-08
ITSB-100 Spotting Malicious E-mail Messages - Guidance for the Government of Canada 2017-05-12 ITSAP.00.100
ITSB-97 Cyber Case Study: Why The Top 4 Measures Are Essential - Guidance for the Government of Canada 2015-05-14
ITSA-63 Communications Security Establishment Canada Approved Data at Rest Encryptors Interfacing with a Generic Hard Disk Drive 2015-10-23
ITSB-87 Mobile Technologies in International Travel - Guidance for Government of Canada Business Travelers 2017-05-04 ITSAP.00.087
ITSB-86 Migration to Ten Digit Partition Code for Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) Products 2015-10-23
ITSB-85 Card Loader User Application Software (CLUAS) 5.1 2015-10-29
CSG-31 RIM BlackBerry® PlayBook™ Security Guidance 2015-10-23
CSG-30 Apple® iPad™ Security and Best Practices 2015-10-23
ITSB-40A Government of Canada Policy for the Protection of Classified Information Using Suite B Algorithms 2016-02-02
ITSB-57B Security of BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN Messaging 2016-04-08
ITSA-11E CSEC Approved Cryptographic Algorithms for the Protection of Sensitive Information and for Electronic Authentication and Authorization Applications within GC 2015-07-30 ITSB-111
CSG-13 Laptop Computer Security 2015-10-23
CSG-16 Telework 2015-10-23
CSG-07 Anti-Malware 2015-10-23
CSG-0 COTS Security Guidance (CSG) Program Overview 2015-10-23
CSG-06 Firewalls 2015-10-23
CSG-05 Handheld Communications 2015-10-23
CSG-09 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) 2015-10-23
CSG-08 Media Clearing and Sanitization 2015-10-23
CSG-03 Media Encryption 2015-10-23
CSG-12 Multi-Function Cellular Phones 2015-10-23
CSG-11 Multi-Function Devices 2015-10-23
CSG-10 Operating Systems 2015-10-23
CSG-14 Peer-to-Peer Technologies 2015-10-23
CSG-15 Public Zone Work Environments 2015-10-23
CSG-01 Virtual Private Network (VPN) 2015-10-23
CSG-04 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 2015-10-23
CSG-02 Wireless Network Security 2015-10-23
ITSPSR-21A 802.11 Wireless LAN Vulnerability Assessment 2015-10-23
ITSPSR-16A Personal Communications Services (PCS) and Cellular System Vulnerability Assessment 2015-10-23
ITSG-31 User Authentication Guidance for IT Systems 2016-10-06 ITSP.30.031 V2
ITSB-61 Guidance on the Use of the IP Security Protocol within the Government of Canada 2016-09-15 ITSP.40.062
ITSB-60 Guidance on the Use of the Transport Layer Security Protocol within the Government of Canada 2016-09-15 ITSP.40.062
ITSPSR-17A Bluetooth Vulnerability Assessment 2015-06-04
ITSG-23 BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Isolation in a Microsoft Exchange Environment 2016-04-08
ITSG-06 Clearing and Declassifying Electronic Data Storage Devices 2018-03-28 ITSP.40.006 V2
ITSG-20 Windows Server 2003 Recommended Baseline Security 2015-05-14
ITSPSR-18 Personal Digital Assistant Vulnerability Assessment (PDA VA) 2015-05-14
ITSB-02 Government of Canada Wireless Vulnerability Assessment 2015-05-14


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