Wireless and Mobility

CSE provides best-practices and guidance for all Government of Canada departments and agencies on various aspects of wireless and mobility network security. This includes identifying and establishing the most appropriate security controls to protect Government of Canada wireless Local Area Networks (LAN), mobile platforms and devices, and other wireless peripheral requirements (e.g. Bluetooth).

Pub # Title Date Download
Cyber Hygiene 2018-03-28 HTML // PDF
Mobile Security 2018-03-28 HTML // PDF
ITSAP.00.087 Mobile Devices and Business Travellers 2017-05-04 HTML // PDF (0.74 MB)
ITSM.80.001 Securing the Enterprise for Mobility 2016-07-25 HTML // PDF (0.42 MB)
ITSAP.00.002 GC Security Zones and Dongle Effectiveness 2016-07-14 HTML // PDF (0.86 MB)
ITSAP.00.001 Using your Mobile Device Securely 2016-07-05 HTML // PDF (0.59 MB)
ITSE.80.001 Mobile Security - Securing the Government of Canada 2016-07-05 HTML // PDF (0.57 MB)
ITSG-11A Emission Security (EMSEC) Guidance 2016-04-25 HTML // PDF (0.25 MB)
ITSB-104 Security Considerations for Exposure of Classified IT Systems to Mobile Devices and Wireless Signals 2014-11-03 HTML // PDF (57.37 KB)
ITSB-64 Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions - Guidance for the Government of Canada 2013-07-01 HTML // PDF (0.27 MB)
ITSB-65 Risk Management for iPads - Guidance for the Government of Canada 2013-07-01 HTML // PDF (0.27 MB)
ITSG-41 Security Requirements for Wireless Local Area Networks 2013-03-14 Read more
ITSB-88 Mobile Technologies in International Travel - Guidance for Government of Canada IT Security Managers 2012-07-01 HTML // PDF (0.38 MB)


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