CSE provides best-practices, guidance and standards for all Government of Canada departments and agencies related to Cryptography. This includes cryptographic algorithms and encryption protocols for IT systems in the unclassified, protected and classified domain.

Pub # Title Date Download
ITSE.00.017 Quantum Computing Security Issues For Public Key Cryptography 2017-05-17 HTML // PDF (1.06 MB)
ITSP.40.111 Cryptographic Algorithms for UNCLASSIFIED, PROTECTED A, and PROTECTED B Information 2016-09-14 HTML // PDF (0.49 MB)
ITSP.40.062 Guidance on Securely Configuring Network Protocols 2016-09-13 HTML // PDF (0.57 MB)
ITSB-112 Security Considerations for the Use of Removable Media Devices for Protected C and Classified Information 2014-08-15 HTML // PDF (0.18 MB)
ITSA-46 Secure Fax Transmission Using Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol Devices 2007-12-07 Read more


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