CSE provides guidance and directives for all Government of Canada departments and agencies on overarching Communication Security (COMSEC) policy instruments. A complete listing of the unclassified COMSEC publications can be found below while the protected COMSEC publications are available on the COMSEC User Portal (CUP).

Pub # Title Date Download
ITSD-09 IT Security Directive for Cryptographic Key Ordering 2017-08-22 HTML // PDF (0.22 MB)
ITSD-04A IT Security Directive for the Management of CSE-Approved Cryptographic Equipment and Key to Secure a Telecommunications Network 2017-08-22 HTML // PDF (0.30 MB)
ITSD-08 IT Security Directive for the Control and Management of In-Process COMSEC Material 2016-06-20 HTML // PDF (0.24 MB)
ITSD-06A IT Security Directive for the Control of COMSEC Material in the Canadian Private Sector 2016-06-15 HTML // PDF (0.64 MB)
ITSA-70 Changes to the National COMSEC Material Control System Infrastructure 2015-04-15 HTML // PDF (0.71 MB)
ITSD-03A IT Security Directive for the Control of COMSEC Material in the Government of Canada 2014-09-19 Read more
ITSD-01A IT Security Directive for the Application of Communications Security Using CSE-Approved Solutions 2014-01-10 HTML // PDF (1.52 MB)
ITSG-26 Information Technology Security Guidance for Purchasing CSEC-Approved Cryptographic Equipment from the United States Government 2013-01-31 HTML // PDF (1.39 MB)
ITSB-84 Foreign Electronic Key 2012-06-01 HTML // PDF (1.26 MB)
ITSD-05 Directive for Reporting and Evaluating COMSEC Incidents Involving Accountable COMSEC Material 2012-04-16 HTML // PDF (1.14 MB)
ITSB-79 Guidance for the Communications Security of SECRET Information 2011-07-01 HTML // PDF (1.03 MB)
ITSA-52 Procedures for Zeroization and Handling of Key Storage Devices (KSD-64) 2009-01-01 HTML // PDF (1.04 MB)
ITSB-51 Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) Device Testing 2008-04-01 HTML // PDF (0.99 MB)
ITSB-46 Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) Rekey Guides 2008-01-24 Read more
ITSA-46 Secure Fax Transmission Using Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol Devices 2007-12-07 Read more


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