Certified Product: EMC® VNXe1600™ OE v3.1.3

EMC® VNXe1600™ OE v3.1.3 (hereafter referred to as the Target of Evaluation, or TOE) from EMC Corporation, was the subject of a Common Criteria evaluation performed by the Common Criteria Evaluation Facility at EWA-Canada. The evaluation was completed in May 2016.

The evaluation of the TOE determined that this Information Technology (IT) product can be trusted, to EAL 2+ (ALC_FLR.2), to conform to the requirements of the associated security target.

The TOE is a midrange capacity storage system comprised of the VNXe1600 hardware platform and the VNXe Operating Environment (OE) software.  The VNXe1600 hardware houses the disks in the storage array which are managed by the VNXe storage processors. It provides Storage Area Network (SAN) services by interfacing with the front-end clients (application hosts such as database servers, web servers, etc.) and the back-end storage disks.

Application Hosts access the storage arrays via Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) and/or Fibre Channel (FC). The TOE presents storage to application hosts in the form of Logical Units (or LUNs) using block storage protocols. Each LUN is a useable storage system volume that the TOE can expose to individual hosts. Application hosts can only access LUNs for which permission has been granted by an authorized administrator.

The scope of this evaluation is defined by the security target, which identifies assumptions made during the evaluation, the intended environment for the TOE, the IT security requirements to be met, and the level of confidence (evaluation assurance level) to which it is asserted that the TOE satisfies its IT security requirements.

Consumers are advised to carefully review the certification report to gain an understanding of the security functionality, the evaluated configuration, and the intended operating environment for the TOE.