Certified Product: CloudMask Engine v2.0

CloudMask Corporation
410 - 225 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ontario

CloudMask Engine v2.0, from CloudMask, Inc., was the subject of a Common Criteria evaluation performed by the Common Criteria Evaluation Facility at CSC Security Testing/Certification Laboratories. The evaluation was completed in October 2015.

The evaluation of CloudMask Engine v2.0 determined that this Information Technology (IT) product can be trusted, to Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2, to conform to the requirements of the associated security target.

CloudMask Engine v2.0 is a software application that enables users to protect their sensitive data while leveraging public and/or private cloud applications.  The TOE works transparently by intercepting application data before it is transmitted to the cloud and replaces it with a random token representing the data in a process called tokenization. The tokenized data, referred to as a “mask”, is transmitted to the cloud application and is meaningless unless viewed by an authorized CloudMask user. The TOE also invokes the Entrust ESP v9.2 cryptographic engine to encrypt the original data, preventing unencrypted data from leaving the TOE. The CloudMask Manager is a storage repository for the generated mask and associated encrypted data.

The scope of this evaluation is defined by the security target, which identifies assumptions made during the evaluation, the intended environment for the CloudMask Engine v2.0 , the IT security requirements to be met, and the level of confidence (evaluation assurance level) to which it is asserted that the CloudMask Engine v2.0  satisfies its IT security requirements.

Consumers are advised to carefully review the certification report to gain an understanding of the security functionality, the evaluated configuration, and the intended operating environment for CloudMask Engine v2.0.