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The ITSLC is committed to be agile and responsive to changes in the GC IT security environment. As a result, ITSLC is introducing Learning Pathways. The ITS Learning Pathways have been developed to help IT Security practitioners, supervisors and managers identify learning activities that will support development in the range of work streamers/specialists jobs that support GC departmental IT security activities.


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215 - Fundamentals of Emission Security (EMSEC)

The EMSEC course is a basic level course providing participants with an awareness of emission and TEMPEST security. The course provides an introduction to Radio-Frequency (RF) and electromagnetic fields and explains how compromising emanations (CE) from Information Technology (IT) equipment processing classified data can be unintentionally exfiltrated from restricted security zones.

Participants will become familiar with some of the techniques used by threat actors to exploit both spatially and conducted emanations, and will be presented with security control measures that could mitigate vulnerabilities and improve the departmental EMSEC posture.


Since 1995, CSE’s IT Security Learning Centre (ITSLC) has been a trusted source for IT Security training for the Government of Canada (GC). Playing a vital role in the GC, the ITSLC is committed to providing training that covers the entire spectrum of courses related to COMSEC and IT security principles, including specialized programs in various IT Security disciplines.


Key, Shield and Laptop

Today, the IT Security landscape has changed as the threats to cyber security are becoming more persistent, pervasive and sophisticated. To counter these threats to GC infrastructures, the ITSLC is now redirecting its learning and development focus and concentrating its efforts to better support COMSEC and IT Security specialists and others who have specific IT Security roles.


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The ITSLC continues to work with various partners to strengthen the IT Security community by identifying respective mandates and building curricula focused on delivering cutting-edge IT Security training for the GC.



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