Specialized Learning Framework - STREAMS

The threats to cyber security are becoming more persistent, pervasive and sophisticated. ITSLC is committed to be agile and responsive to changes in the GC IT security environment. As a result, ITSLC is adjusting its curriculum by retiring its Programs of Study (PoS) and replacing them with Specialized Streams.

Through this new approach, ITSLC has revamped its present programs by offering a more advanced and specialized curriculum that will assist GC COMSEC and IT Security specialists achieve a higher level of knowledge and enhanced skill sets.

Our courses will focus on a “Specialized Framework”, which comprises COMSEC and IT Security streams. The ITLSC has defined these courses into specific areas of subject matter that relate to job-function responsibilities within the GC context. Each stream provides a comprehensive view of larger IT security issues, processes and program elements. The content of each stream is based on job-related tasks.

This specialized framework includes:

  • Flexible scheduling for learners
  • Courses designed and developed with practical scenarios that will allow for on-the-job application to optimize knowledge transfer and skills development.

The Streams