High Assurance Technology Products

CSE authorizes the procurement of COMSEC products to safeguard Government of Canada classified electronic communications.

The following is a list of the major families of devices that are approved by CSE:

Secure voice devices: includes wireline and wireless devices, which communicate over conventional telephone circuits, cellular or satellite-based networks.

Network encryptors: network encryptors are high-speed devices, which provide security services for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Internet Protocol (IP) networks by providing data confidentiality, integrity mechanisms, and authentication services.

Link encryptors: includes devices used to encrypt information at the data link layer during data transmission between two points within a network. Unlike network encryptors, link encryptors also provide traffic-flow security (i.e. the routing information is not transmitted in clear).

Secure remote access devices: refers to devices that allow users with laptops in remote locations to securely access centralized classified networks.

Hard disk encryptors: refers to hardware-based disk encryption devices.

Tier 3 management devices: refers to equipment that accepts, stores, and fills cryptographic key devices.

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