Message from the Deputy Chief of IT Security

The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is one of Canada’s key security and intelligence organizations.  For over 70 years we’ve been protecting government systems and information through our leading-edge work in cyber security. Our recognized cyber and technical expertise enables us to secure our systems and defend against cyber threats to the Government of Canada (GC).  We are the lead technical agency in the federal government for IT security, and work with Treasury Board Secretariat to define IT security standards, practices and technical guidance. We set the standard for cryptography across the government, and provide the equipment, knowledge and support to ensure the Government’s classified communications are protected. We work with government departments to strengthen their systems, by evaluating and testing security products to identify risks and vulnerabilities.  We conduct technical research and development so the government stays ahead of the curve, and we build the knowledge base of the government’s IT practitioners by offering unique training through the IT Security Learning Centre (ITSLC).  

As a key enabler to GC cyber and IT security, CSE’s ITSLC provides an array of role-based learning programs and other learning activities such as seminars, workshops and e-learning.  To respond to the dynamic business, threat and technical environment, the ITSLC works with lead security agencies and other stakeholders to ensure that the programs and activities the ITSLC provides are relevant and effective.

Recognized as the unique and trusted source in GC-specific IT security learning, the ITSLC provides a standard curriculum, as well as tailored and customized solutions, that support chief security officers, security practitioners, COMSEC and cyber security specialists in their respective roles.

Understanding the importance and impact that a strong cyber and IT security presence has for Canada’s national security; the ITSLC has recently extended its reach to include partners from industry, academia and other levels of government.

In exploring this catalogue you will find flexible learning opportunities in the form of instructor-led courses and on-line learning sessions that will help develop, enhance and maintain your IT security knowledge and skills.  Custom training solutions are also available.

We hope that these course offerings, whether on-line or delivered at our training facility, become part of your professional learning plan.


Scott Jones
Deputy Chief, IT Security