ITSLC Learning Pathways

IT Security Learning Pathways

As a result of continuously evolving IT security requirements and GC policies, the ITSLC Programs of Study(PoS) were retired effective April 1st, 2015. The PoS have been replaced with Specialized Learning Streams. Through this new approach, the ITSLC has revamped its present programs by offering a more advanced and specialized curriculum that will assist GC COMSEC and IT Security specialists achieve a higher level of knowledge and enhanced skill sets.

The ITSLC Learning Pathways were developed to help IT security practitioners, supervisors and managers identify learning activities that will support career development in the functions that support GC/Departmental IT security activities.

The ITS Learning Pathways provide suggested learning activities to support GC IT security work streams and/or specializations. There are nineteen different pathways including COMSEC, Incident Handling and Security Program Management.