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All Government of Canada (GC) departments transmitting, storing or processing sensitive government information must be protected by systems that have been developed/acquired and evaluated according to recognized standards and implemented in accordance with GC policies and practices. GC departments are responsible for protecting government information and assets throughout their lifecycles. Effective GC Information Technology (IT) security operations rely heavily on managing and maintaining IT systems, system integrity, system changes and incident handling. The following specialized IT Security courses will help departmental staff charged with IT security roles and responsibilities determine what security activities and controls are required based on GC policies, procedures, and best practices to support their departmental security program.


GC employees are eligible for enrolment in any of the “Specialized IT Security” courses.

Course-Related Materials

To provide a green learning environment the ITSLC will provide learners with an electronic copy of the course material. Should you prefer hard copies of the handouts, they will be available in class.  Throughout the course you will have access to relevant references and may also be given handouts, references, glossaries, sample quiz and test questions in addition to other supplementary materials.

Security Clearance Requirements

These courses are unclassified and no security clearance is required unless otherwise indicated below.


103  Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment (HTRA) (CSPS #A341)

104  IT Security Risk Management: A Lifecycle Approach (ITSG-33)

105  Information System Security Implementation Process (ISSIP)

107  Cyber Security in the Government of Canada (GC)

350  Wireless Security (Level II security clearance required)

385  Cross Domain Solutions: A Primer

525  IT Security Assessments

530  IT Incident Handling

545  Contracting and IT Security

701  IT Security Risk Management and Security Control Profiles

Boot Camp

910  IT Security Risk Management Boot Camp

E-Learning Courses

601  Introduction to IT Security Management [e-learning]

604  Overview of IT Security Risk Management: A Lifecycle Approach (ITSG-33) – Executive Summary [e-learning]

606  IT Security Fundamentals for IT Practitioners [e-learning]

610  Digital Forensics [e-learning]