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Join Us For Our Annual Open House Event – October 19

Hosted in collaboration with our partners in education, do not miss this unique opportunity to learn all about what CSE’s ITSLC has to offer. Although this event is tailored towards IT security practioners and managers, it is open to all GC employees. Some of the events scheduled include a presentation on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a variety of COMSEC equipment demos, a kiosk on Supply Chain Integrity, and much more. Register now as space is limited.

IT Security Learning Pathways

The ITSLC Learning Pathways were developed to help IT security practitioners, supervisors and managers identify learning activities that will support career development in the functions that support GC/Departmental IT security activities.

The ITS Learning Pathways provide suggested learning activities to support GC IT security work streams and/or specializations. There are nineteen different pathways including COMSEC, Incident Handling and Security Program Management.

To learn more about the new ITSLC Learning Pathways please visit our Learning Management System (LMS).

A New ITSLC Course: Cyber Security in the GC (107)

This introductory course is aimed at those who support cyber and IT security within their organization, but are not themselves Cyber or IT security specialists. This course combines presentations, discussions and group activities, to provide foundational knowledge of the GC cyber security context including the following items:

  • policy, business and threat contexts;
  • an overview of technical and operational terms and concepts; and
  • an overview of reporting processes and common enterprise and departmental protection measures.

Participants will be better prepared to navigate the cyber security domain, and better support their organizational cyber security efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITSLC at the its‑education@cse‑cst.gc.ca.

Online Registration System (for GC employees)

We invite you to explore our website, which introduces new features and provides a more modern approach to browsing our course offerings. There you can manage your learning account as well as register online for any course we offer. When visiting our website for the first time, you are encouraged to create your learning profile on our Learning Management System (LMS).

COMSEC Custodian Certification Program (CCCP)

Following the introduction of our COMSEC Custodian Certification Program (CCCP) in 2015, we have issued a number of CCCP certificates.

The ITS Learning Centre (ITSLC) will once again offer the required 4-day Custodian training program courses in September 2016:

November 14, 2016 - Course # 235
COMSEC in the GC

November 15, 2016 - Course # 410
Cryptographic Security in the GC

November 16-17, 2016 - Course # 230
COMSEC Custodian


A number of other courses are scheduled between now and the end of the fiscal year. For more information and to register for a course, consult the ITSLC Web site.

This certification program combines existing courses into distinct pathways that will provide the necessary foundation to prepare candidates appointed as COMSEC Custodians. The CCCP pathways will be a mandatory requirement for all GC employees or industry personnel who are appointed to the position of COMSEC Custodian or Alternate COMSEC Custodian. For those who believe that they have the requisite training and/or experience that support the learning requirements in the 235 and 410 courses, they can apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) to the ITSLC.

NOTE: DND is exempt from the mandatory provision of this program and will continue to provide COMSEC custodian training according to its own policy and schedule. Although DND/CAF custodians may apply for the CCCP certification, or submit a request for PLAR in order to achieve our certification, there is no mandatory requirement for them to do so. DND people do attend some of our courses to enhance their understanding of ITS/COMSEC issues; but the courses are not prerequisites to DND COMSEC custodian qualification.

The CCCP will consist of three similar but independent pathways that have been designed to consider COMSEC account composition; Manual (non-automated), DIAS and EKMS.

For more details go to Specialized Learning Framework - Streams - Communications Security (COMSEC).

COMSEC COURSES for GC-Sponsored Private Sector Companies

Required Courses for Industry COMSEC Custodians

With the establishment of the CSE Industrial COMSEC Account (CICA), whose primary responsibility is the management of GC-sponsored Private Sector COMSEC accounts, industry partners become eligible to attend CSE’s COMSEC courses. Consequently, in accordance with ITSD-06, persons appointed to a COMSEC sub-account custodial position at the above mentioned private sector companies must register for the 230 COMSEC Custodian course. To achieve certification in becoming a COMSEC custodian as identified in the Communiqué outlining the COMSEC Custodian Certification Program (CCCP), candidates must also attend the 235 COMSEC in the Government of Canada (GC) and the 410 Cryptographic Security in the GC.

The 235 discusses the disciplines that comprise COMSEC, some of the threats that could lead to COMSEC incidents and measures that must be applied to protect sensitive GC information being transmitted.

The 410 covers the basic concepts of cryptography including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and secret key systems. In addition it will discuss key management systems, the use of cryptography to protect sensitive information as well as the use of cryptography in everyday business.

The CCCP program and its pre-course package were designed to meet client COMSEC and ITS role-based requirements. This will indoctrinate private sector COMSEC Custodians into the COMSEC environment. Furthermore, it will remind GC and Industry personnel of the importance of security and the need for caution when processing sensitive information.

Should you require additional information, please contact the ITSLC via email at its-education@cse-cst.gc.ca or by phone at 613-991-7110.