High Assurance Technology COMSEC Support for Federal Departments

Federal Departments requiring COMSEC material must establish a COMSEC Account and appoint supporting COMSEC personnel following these requirements:

Federal Department’s requiring COMSEC material must submit a request as a letter from Departmental Security Officer (DSO) to COMSEC Client Services at CSE for the establishment of a COMSEC Account.

The request must include information such as:

  • A justification for the requirement to hold COMSEC material;
  • Interoperability requirements;
  • Highest security classification of the COMSEC material; and
  • Statement that the minimum physical security standards are in place in accordance with Treasury Board Operational Security Standard on Physical Security.

Federal Departments must also appoint appropriate COMSEC personnel to manage their departmental COMSEC program:

  • A Departmental COMSEC Authority (DCA) may be appointed by the DSO to act in his/her stead to develop, implement, maintain, coordinate and monitor the departmental COMSEC program;
  • A COMSEC Custodian, who will be responsible for the generation, receipt, custody, distribution, disposition or destruction, and accounting of COMSEC Material entrusted to their COMSEC Account or Sub-Account.

If a Federal Department has requirements to provide COMSEC material to Other Levels of Government (OLG), either provincial or municipal, please contact COMSEC Client Services for more information.