Fall 2020 - Mathematician, Cryptanalyst and Data Scientist

The Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSE) is committed to hiring students through recognized educational programs in various universities and colleges across Canada in a variety of technical and administrative openings. If you are interested in working in a challenging role within a dynamic environment, make CSE your first choice!

Students at CSE have the opportunity to work on challenging and interesting projects related to their field of study. Collaboration and innovation are two values that are imbedded in CSE’s culture and these are directly reflected in the type of work assigned to students. CSE is also an evolving organization that offers developmental opportunities to students, which can potentially help them to be considered for future employment. In order to provide a great work-life balance, CSE has interesting alternative work arrangements to meet the student’s personal requirements.

CSE is Canada's National Cryptologic Agency. Our mandate is to:

  • Acquire and provide foreign signals intelligence;
  • Provide advice, guidance and services to help ensure the protection of Government of Canada electronic information and information infrastructures; and
  • Provide technical and operational assistance to federal law enforcement and security agencies.

Summary of duties:
As a cryptanalyst/data scientist/mathematician at CSE, you will be part of a team applying your analytical and problem solving skills to challenges in communication systems, information processing and security systems. You will help provide innovative tools, techniques and/or recommendations to a wide variety of clients both within CSE and from other organizations.

Position Available:
A student in these positions will have the opportunity for one or more of the following types of work:

  • Analyse a dataset to determine its properties, model it and then devise a strategy to take advantage of its properties
  • Analyse a dataset, model it and devise a strategy to take advantage of any discovered structure or properties
  • Design/program/test/optimize algorithms in a wide variety of domains such as statistics, cryptography, algebra and discrete mathematics
  • Isolate the mathematical and/or cryptographic content of real world problems in communications systems, information processing or security systems
  • Characterize encrypted communications, test their strength, and develop techniques to efficiently decrypt them.

In all cases, a student would work with a mentor on a task and programming would be an essential part of the work. Programs produced are typically stand-alone solutions in order to allow concentration on the cryptographic and abstract portion of the problem as opposed to issues inherent in system integration

CSE cryptanalysts/data scientists/mathematicians rely on computers to assist them in their analysis but their primary value lies in their ability to apply their talent creatively in solving problems.

All students applying for these positions at CSE require the following:

Core Requirements:

  • Computer programming ability and experience using a language such as C, C++, Java, Perl or Python;
  • Familiarity with the UNIX/Linux environment;
  • Excellent analytical and communications skills; and

Assets for the position:

  • Areas of mathematics of interest: algebra, discrete math, number theory, probability and statistics
  • Familiarity with a mathematics software package such as Mathematica, Matlab, Maple, Sage or R;
  • Understanding of telecommunications concepts;
  • A strong interest in the analysis of information systems.

Educational Requirements:
You must have completed at least two (2) full years of undergraduate study in any of the following:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering, with a strong math background
  • A technical discipline (e.g. physics, logics, chemistry, etc) with a strong math background.

Salary range:
Student salaries are set by CSE and are based on students’ academic level and previously completed work terms.  Rates are as follows: College (from $573.38 to $701.63), undergraduate (from $642.00 to $766.13) and post-graduate ($754.13 to $892.88) per week.

To apply:
You must apply online by selecting "Apply" below.
On your cover letter, indicate which position you are interested in and what makes you a possible candidate for that position.
You must be registered as a full time student at your university or college.

Please note that applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Security Requirements:
You must be a Canadian Citizen and eligible for a Top Secret security clearance.
The security screening process involves a security interview, a polygraph test, a psychological assessment, and a background investigation covering a minimum of your last 10 years history, including credit and financial verifications.

CSE is a government agency located in the Ottawa region. Relocation assistance will be provided to students studying at an accredited academic institution located outside the National Capital Region.
CSE supports the Employment Equity Act. We encourage candidates to apply if they belong to the following designated groups: women, visible minorities, persons of Aboriginal descent, or persons with disabilities. CSE offers an assessment process which will accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities.  If you may need such accommodation, please advise us.
This job posting may be used to fill a number of positions.

We thank all those who apply and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.