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What ITSLC Has To Offer

CSE Information Technology Security training provides relevant Government of Canada (GC) IT security knowledge and skills that security managers, team leaders and practitioners can apply to their own departmental practices, thereby enhancing GC IT Security.


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IT Security Learning Centre Specialized Learning Framework

As stated earlier, the threats to cyber security are becoming more persistent, pervasive and sophisticated. Consequently, the ITSLC will be revamping its present programs by offering a more advanced and specialized curriculum that will assist GC COMSEC and IT Security specialists to achieve a higher level of knowledge and skills.

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IT Security Learning Centre Frequently Asked Questions

Consult some of our more frequently asked questions.

For any additional comments or questions, not addressed in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us by email.

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IT Security Learning Centre Additional Resources

To enhance any of the ITSLC courses and compliment your learning, we have additional links to helpful resources.

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