Cyber Security Awareness Month

Canadians are among the most technologically connected people in the world. We use technology daily to deal with the government, to share parts of our lives with family and friends, to plan our days, to manage our finances, and to learn and grow. Protecting yourself and your information from cyber threats when doing all of these things online is vital. October’s Cyber Security Awareness Month is all about reminding Canadians about the importance of staying safe online.

CSE is a key department in the Government of Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy and its efforts to protect Canada and Canadians against cyber threats. CSE’s internationally recognized cyber experts work with other GC partners, such as Public Safety Canada and Shared Services Canada to protect the government’s networks and the important information – your information – they contain. We monitor and defend these networks by detecting, discovering and responding to sophisticated cyber threats. We also provide advice and guidance to government departments to help them recover from cyber incidents.

The threat

CSE helps the government protect its more than 57,000 servers and 9,000 internet connections, and there is no shortage of threats to protect against.

Government departments and agencies are subject to millions of cyber intrusion attempts every day. Hackers, criminals, terrorists and others are constantly probing government systems and networks looking for vulnerabilities. There are 60,000 new malicious programs identified every day. And one in every 200 emails contains malicious software, or malware.

CSE works every day to help protect the government – and you – from these threats.

What we do

To protect government and other important systems, CSE provides a variety of critical services:

  • We secure government networks from the millions of daily attempts to access them. We detect them, we block them and we work with government partners to repair any damage.
  • We protect the government’s most sensitive and classified information through encryption, by providing equipment, knowledge and support.
  • We work with government partners to define IT security standards, practices and technical guidance for the federal government.
  • We test and evaluate security products and systems and work with vendors to improve security in products being considered for government use.
  • We train the Government’s IT security professionals so they can stay ahead of the cyber security curve.

CSE’s experts also share information on cyber threats and mitigation strategies with other levels of government, as well as the private sector, to help them protect other networks and information that Canadians rely on every day.

What you can do

Cyber Security Awareness Month is all about education and awareness – your greatest tools in protecting yourself. The Government of Canada’s provides a wealth of information, including advice on creating strong passwords, choosing and using security software, using Wi-Fi networks, and other valuable tips.

If you’re a government or private sector Information Technology professional, then CSE’s IT Security site is for you. It contains technical advice and guidance, training information for government IT people, and mitigation strategies to help IT professionals protect their networks. Our Cyber Journal provides the latest information on trends in cyber security, new threats, and advice on how to defend against them.

To learn more about CSE’s IT Security role and other information on how we help keep Canada and Canadians safe, visit Inside CSE. For more information on Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit the Public Safety Canada website.