CSE statement on Global Ransomware Attacks

CSE continues to closely monitor the recent global cyber/ransomware attacks. As we have seen in recent attacks, today’s attacks continue to indiscriminately target both organizations and individuals.

Our dynamic cyber defence security systems remain ready to defend Government of Canada systems and help protect against future types of similar attacks.

Working with Shared Services Canada and our other partners, Government of Canada networks continue to be well placed to defend against these types of attacks. Thanks to this work, there is no indication at this time that Government of Canada systems were negatively impacted, and that any information, personal or otherwise, was compromised.

As the situation continues to develop, we remain in close contact with our domestic and international partners ‎to address any developments. In addition, we will ensure all relevant information and guidance that is available to CSE is provided to our partners at Public Safety Canada to relay to the private sector.

As always, CSE would like to use this occasion to remind all Canadians as well as organizations to review and implement our Top 10 IT security actions which will go a long way to protect you or your organization from similar attacks in the future. In addition, please check out this month’s edition of CSE’s Cyber Journal to learn more about ransomware.

Thank you.

Greta Bossenmaier
Chief, Communications Security Establishment