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Delivered by trusted experts, our IT Security courses offer hands-on, small group instruction and incorporate demonstrations, lab and group discussions.

Our courses are available in both French and English. Please refer to our Course Calendar for the current list of courses available. The Course Calendar is available as a PDF: IT Security Learning Centre Course Calendar

Please note, courses 205, 206, and 230 have a mandatory final exam. Participants must pass the final exam for official certification.

Classroom courses

Course number Course Title
103 Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment (HTRA) (CSPS #A341)
104 IT Security Risk Management: A Lifecycle Approach (ITSG-33)
105 Information System Security Implementation Process (ISSIP)
107 Cyber Security in the Government of Canada (for non-IT employees)
109 Management of Cyber Security in the GC
200 T3MD Audit Trail Workshop - The Insider Threat
205 Government of Canada Electronic Key Management System (GC EKMS)
206 Distributed INFOSEC Accounting System (DIAS)
210 Eclypt
215 Fundamentals of Emission Security (EMSEC)
229 COMSEC Account Management for Private Sector Companies (CAMC for PSC)
230 COMSEC Account Management (GC)
231 Controlling Authority/Command Authority (ConAuth/CmdAuth) Key Material Support Plan (KMSP) (Workshop)
232 Cryptographic Key Handling
233 Cryptographic Key Management & Ordering
235 COMSEC in the Government of Canada
240 Data Transfer Device (DTD)
245 Secure DTD 2000 System (SDS)
250 Secure Terminal Equipment (STE)
255 OMNI (Secure Communications)
260 Sectéra Wireline Terminal (SWT) (Device)
270 Sectéra vIPer Universal Secure Phone (vIPer)
271 Putting the VOIP in vIPer
275 Simple Key Loader (SKL)
276 RASKL Workshop
281 TACLANE Micro Encryptor and GEM X
335 Secure Software Development – A Primer
350 Wireless Security
385 Cross Domain Solutions: A Primer
410 Cryptographic Security in the Government of Canada
525 IT Security Assessments
530 IT Security Incident Handling
531 Cyber Security – Table Top Exercise
545 Contracting and IT Security
701 IT Security Risk Management and Security Control Profiles
705 GC Executive Cyber Security Seminar
910 IT Security Risk Management Boot Camp



SIGINT courses


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