410 - Cryptographic Security in the Government of Canada

This course covers the basic concepts of cryptography and key management systems in the Government of Canada (GC). It uses lectures and demonstrations to explain how cryptography is used to protect information.

As an introduction, learners will revisit past efforts to protect sensitive information and learn the measures used by cryptanalysts to break those ciphers. At this level, instruction does not cover the mathematical concepts behind cryptography.



  • Review and understand the evolution of cryptography
  • Explore and describe basic concepts of cryptography including secret key and public key systems
  • Identify common encryption methods
  • Differentiate cryptographic key management systems and their applications
  • Illustrate how the GC uses cryptography in everyday business
  • Summarize the GC Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


1.0 day

Target Audience:

GC and Canadian Private Sector company personnel working in an Information Technology (IT) security environment, who require an understanding of how cryptography and related cryptographic systems are used to protect sensitive GC information.


Recommended Prior Learning:

Course 601 [e-learning] and 235 are highly recommended to provide IT Security context and knowledge of COMSEC.


Start Date End Date Event Language Cost Location Type Status
2018-09-11 2018-09-11 English $500 1929 Ogilvie Road Classroom Open
2018-06-26 2018-06-26 English $500 1929 Ogilvie Road Classroom Open

For more information consult our IT Security Course Calendar.


This is a mandatory course for personnel appointed as COMSEC Custodian.