High Assurance Technologies

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High Assurance Technology Services

CSE provides services and guidance on High Assurance products to Government of Canada (GC) including:

  • Advice and guidance on cryptonet development and safeguards
  • Provide Crytopgraphic key to protect GC most sensitive information
  • Provide information on high assurance products and authorise their procurement

For more information on the services offered by CSE, please visit Support to Federal Department or Support to Industry, or contact COMSEC Client Services or CMAC.

High Assurance Technology Products

CSE authorizes the procurement of COMSEC products to safeguard Government of Canada classified electronic communications.

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COMSEC Support for Federal Departments

CSE provides services and guidance to Federal Departments who require High Assurance solutions to protect their information.

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COMSEC Support for Canadian Private Sector

CSE provides direction to Canadian private sector clients with regard to the handling of COMSEC material in support of a federal government contract.  These must be sponsored by a GC department that has a current COMSEC Account prior to acquiring cryptographic material.         

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Reporting a COMSEC Incident

A COMSEC incident occurs whenever there is a situation or activity that jeopardizes the confidentiality, integrity or availability of COMSEC information, material or services.

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