Your first day

The Foundational Learning Program

In the first few months of your arrival at CSE, you will begin CSE's Employee Orientation Program, known as the Foundational Learning Program (FLP). The FLP is designed to ensure that new employees feel welcomed, valued and prepared to make strong contributions from the point of their arrival in the organization and throughout their career. The FLP includes both the Foundational Learning Curriculum (FLC) and the Orientation Partner System (OPS). New recruits will participate in the FLC, a series of briefings on the business and activities of CSE, within a few months of their hire – this will ensure that they receive essential information that will ensure a smooth start in the organization. Moreover, we hope they will develop connections with colleagues in their FLC group and immediately gain an appreciation for CSE as “one organization” with corporate challenges and responsibilities that we all share.

Orientation Partner System

While the FLC’s primary objective is to provide new employees with baseline knowledge about the business and activities of CSE, the Orientation Partner System (OPS) focuses on the on-going learning within a new employee’s unit and day-to-day operations. Once started at CSE, an Orientation Partner (OP) will be assigned to each new employee. The OP is an employee who is selected with the task of ensuring continuous learning by assisting the new employee in becoming familiar with the ins and outs of their position and unit. The partner helps make the new employee comfortable by being a source of information showing him/her around, explaining how things function in their area and sharing their expertise and experience.

The implementation of the OPS will continue CSE’s commitment to providing baseline knowledge to the new employee and making you feel welcomed and valued within your first days with us.