Common Criteria

The Common Criteria (CC) is an international program amongst 26 nations in which IT products are certified against standard specifications (Protection Profiles). Protection Profiles represent the  baseline set of  security requirements for technology classes.

When procuring IT products for the Government of Canada (GC), certified products can be selected that have been evaluated against the Protection Profile for a given technology class. A master list of all products certified under the International Common Criteria program can be found at the Common Criteria Portal.

CSE operates a product certification capability under this program referred to as the Canadian CC Scheme.

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Certified Products

Canadian CC Scheme

CSE is responsible for the program management of the Common Criteria in Canada and acts as the certification body.  CSE provides technical oversight for evaluations performed by accredited commercial evaluation facilities.

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Common Criteria International Partners

Under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) (* Accessibility Notice | Official Languages Notice), countries agree to recognize Common Criteria (CC) certificates that have been produced by any certificate authorizing participant, in accordance with the terms laid out in the CCRA.

A complete list of the certificate authorizing participants, together with those certificate consuming participants (who agree to recognize CC certificates) may be found on the Common Criteria Portal.