Construction Update: Removal of Trees Along Bathgate Drive - November 2012

The landscaping on Bathgate Drive along the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) Long-Term Accommodation (LTA) is progressing well. Throughout the month of November, dead trees and scrub will be removed to make room for new trees and shrubs to be planted in the near future.

To prevent the spreading of the Emerald Ash Borer, and infestation of the new trees, stumps will be removed from the site. The Emerald Ash Borer is a major threat to Canada’s forest and infested tree material will be disposed of as per Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations. Due to the size of the stumps, it will be necessary to bring large machinery and equipment to accomplish this task. The work should last approximately two weeks.

Contact information

For any questions or concerns related to the construction, please contact PCL Constructors Canada Inc. at 613-228-5375.

All other inquiries can be directed to CSE Media Relations and Public Affairs at 613-991-7248 or at