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Welcome to the Communication Security Establishment (CSE) IT Security Learning Centre. As a lead Government of Canada (GC) security agency, CSE is responsible for providing IT security training and awareness programs to all GC IT security professionals and other employees. Here on our site, you will find a breadth of offerings to meet your needs - from courses developed to introduce COMSEC and IT security principles in general, to full programs of study designed to prepare you for development, operation and management of information systems. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you require to deliver on your own IT security mandate.

To register for a course or program, please complete and submit our registration form - PDF (61KB) * Accessibility Notice

LeafTo help reduce CSE's carbon footprint, the IT Security Learning Centre is going GREEN. We are asking participants to leave the course material for the next class and we will send the material electronically upon completion of the course.

Note: We may contact you to conduct a short survey approximately three months after completing your training. As we endeavour to provide timely and effective training, your comments and feedback will assist us with assessing the relevance of the course and its usefulness in the workplace.

If you require additional information or to provide us with suggestions/comments we invite you to contact us via email at, or phone 613-991-7110.

Course Calendar April 2014 - March 2015

Courses and Programs of Study (PoS) in IT Security

Courses on Request

The ITSLC offers tailored customized training. If you have specific training requirements or require training for a large group (of twelve or more), ITSLC will adapt training to suit your departmental needs.

Please contact the ITS Learning Centre to discuss your current needs.

Phone: 613-991-7110

E-Learning – Convenient & Comprehensive

As technology evolves and the landscape of learners and their needs change, so must the delivery of training. With this in mind, we are in the process of repurposing existing courses to complement existing training through blended learning or transitioning some of our courses for online delivery (231, 232e).

Our goal is to provide the participant with flexible learning options. Anticipating training needs and the needs of learners will enable us to provide information and training options quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Courses offered via e-learning will be shaped to fit personal training needs, providing the participants with flexible learning options.

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