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Find out more about evaluations under CCS?

If you are interesting in reading more, there are several publications that provide an excellent introduction to Common Criteria evaluations under the CCS. To find out more about the Common Criteria, we recommend reading the introductory brochure and, if you have a little more time, Part 1 of the CC. To find out more about evaluations conducted under the CCS, the scheme description document in particular provides and excellent overview. Feel free to contact CSEC for additional information.

Get a product evaluated and certified under the CCS?

Evaluation services are conducted under contract by commercial facilities; the CSEC Certification Body provides the certification oversight at no additional charge to the evaluation sponsor. To have a product evaluated, sponsors should contact a CC Evaluation Facility (CCEF). The CCEF will assess the product and advise on its acceptance potential. There are two stages of acceptance: (1) establishing the priority for product acceptance into the evaluation process (for details see CCS Instruction # 2 - PDF) (* Accessibility Notice); and (2) determining the technical merits of the product proposal (see CCS Guide # 4 - PDF for details) (* Accessibility Notice)

Acquire an evaluated product or system?

Products or systems certified as having been successfully evaluated under the CCS to the CC requirements are published in the Certified Products List (CPL). As a result of the Arrangement on the Recognition of Common Criteria Certificates (CCRA), the certified product lists of the other CCRA signatories are also recognized by the CCS. Hot links to these lists can be found by following the "Partners" link. The CCRA program operates a central CPL at the Common Criteria portal. This list is intended to show all the products that have been certified by all of the CCRA partners. The CPL provides summary information that you can use to determine if a product might be right for you. Once you've narrowed the candidates down, the Certification Report and associated Security Target documents will provide the information you need to decide if a product will meet your security needs. It is only a matter then of contacting the developer of that product or of purchasing the product off-the-shelf as the case may be.

Become a CCEF?

The CCS provides your company with an opportunity to perform Common Criteria evaluations. To become eligible, your laboratory must be accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and, additionally, approved by the CSEC.

Accreditation is performed by SCC under its Program for the Accreditation of Laboratories - Canada (PALCAN), and is the demonstration of the applicant's conformance to the requirements of CAN-P-1591, the SCC's adaptation of ISO/IEC 17025-2005 for ITSET Laboratories. More information about the accreditation process can be found at the SCC web site.

Approval is performed by the CCS Certification Body, a body within the CSEC, and is the verification of the applicant's ability to perform competent Common Criteria evaluations. More information about the approval process is described in the approval document.

Contact CSEC

To find out more, contact:
Canadian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification Scheme
Communications Security Establishment Canada
Telephone: 613-991-7654
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