IT Security Alert (ITSA)


OpenSSL ‘Heartbleed’ Vulnerability and Mitigating Measures
(AV14-617, CVE-2014-1060, VU #720951)


Forbes Magazine Contains Embedded Wi-Fi Router


Communications Security Establishment Canada Approved Data at Rest Encryptors Interfacing with a Generic Hard Disk Drive


Procedures for Zeroization and Handling of Key Storage Devices (KSD-64)


CSEC Approved Cryptographic Algorithms for the Protection of Sensitive Information and for Electronic Authentication and Authorization Applications within the Government of Canada


Secure Fax Transmission Using Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol Devices

Annex A - STE - Instructions for Sending a Secure Fax

Annex B - OMNI - Instructions for Sending a Secure Fax

Annex C - SWT - Instructions for Sending a Secure Fax

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