Video: Can You Keep A Secret?

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Can You Keep a Secret? CSEC recruitment video. (Select CC icon to show Closed Captioning.)

You may be the smartest
person on your block.

You may have the best marks in
the history of your program.

You may have written some of
the most robust code ever,
speak and write ten languages
fluently, or be scarily bright
in math, physics,
or engineering.

But we have just one
question for you.

Can you keep a secret?

We are the Communications Security
Establishment Canada.

We're serious - really serious -
about our mission:
We provide the Government of
Canada with foreign signals
intelligence and protect information
of national interest
through leading-edge technology.
We do all this while facing
the increasingly complex
threat of cyber-terrorism.

And we think we just might
fit in with your plans.

If you understand what it
means to put every ounce
of your learning on the line...,
to work with some of the most
learned people in the world
every day to take on
staggeringly complex problems
and hammer out solutions...

You've got at least part
of what we're looking for.

But... back to the keeping
a secret part.
You see, that motherlode of information
we've talked about
has enormous strategic and
economic value to Canada.
As you can imagine, it is
highly prized by those
who would create chaos and threaten
our safety and security.

How we protect it...
is top secret.
And as a member of our team,
you become a guardian
of Canada's information.
That's where "keeping a
a secret" comes in.

Here's how we work.
We focus on two key lines of
business - the collection
of foreign signals intelligence
and the protection
of the Government of Canada's
electronic information
and communications assets.

Our vision? To safeguard
Canada's security
through information superiority.

How do we do that?
By harnessing the very
best in technology,
collaborating with the very best
international partners...
and by hiring the very best
in people power to come
and work for us.

People like you.

When you work for us,
you are entrusted
with this responsibility, whether
you are an engineer,
a computer scientist, a mathematician,
a language specialist,
an intelligence analyst - any
member of the CSEC team.

So, here's the offer.

If you want challenging work
where your abilities
are put to the test and
pushed to the limit...
in an environment where
some of the world's best
and brightest minds come together
in a single campus,
in one of Canada's
most vibrant cities...

If you're interested in competitive
salaries and benefits,
flexible schedules, a respectful
workplace and a management team
that is committed to investing
in your learning...

If you want access to rewarding
and diverse career
opportunities and if you want
work that has meaning
profound meaning that will help
protect Canadian assets,
foil the plots of terrorists,
support the efforts
of our military, security
and intelligence agencies,
worldwide partners,
and, if you want your work
to save lives in Canada
and around the world...
then the Communication Security
Establishment Canada
has what you're looking for.

So, if you can keep
a secret, let's talk!