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Long-Term Accommodation project

Long-Term Accommodation project news stories. Read more

Long-Term Accommodation project

The Mid-Term Accommodation (MTA) completed in November 2011. Read more

Long-Term Accommodation project

The Long-Term Accommodation (LTA). Read more

CSEC plans move to new quarters

CSEC has increased its workforce over the past decade in response to Government of Canada security priorities. One result is that our current facilities are no longer adequate to support our activities. The current CSEC campus was designed to support a workforce half of our current size, and this has put a strain on power and utilities. There is an undisputed need for a new CSEC facility given there is no possibility of further expansion at our current location.

Following careful analysis and a rigourous procurement process, CSEC announced the construction of its Long Term Accommodation Project (LTA). Currently, the second phase of CSEC's new facility is under construction on federal property in the east end of Ottawa and is expected to be completed in 2014.

The new purpose-built facility, consisting of both office and special purpose spaces will be designed to meet the needs of CSEC, allowing staff to pursue their work with greater efficiency.

Mid-Term Accommodation

The Mid-Term Accommodation (MTA) (now called Pod 1 of the Long-Term Accommodation) was completed in November 2011. Pod 1 provides an interim solution to ease current work-space constraints. See the Pod 1 page for more details.

Long-Term Accommodation

A second building, called the Long-Term Accommodation (LTA), is under construction to relieve the organization from current infrastructure issues faced at the ageing Confederation Heights campus. See the LTA Project page for more details.

The LTA was highlighted in the Spring 2013 Office of the Auditor General’s (OAG) report, as the OAG examined security in government contracting. In the report, the OAG states “We found that security had been well considered and integrated into project planning and delivery”. The full report may be accessed at Office of the Auditor General of Canada website.

Public-private Partnerships and National Security: Myths vs. Reality

CSEC has recently been featured in a number of news stories concerning its Long-Term Accommodation project and method of procurement being employed. However, some of the information being quoted in these stories is incorrect and misleading. CSEC is committed to ensuring that the correct information is made available to employees and to the public. CSEC is also committed to ensuring that employees are treated fairly and equitably, security continues to be a top priority and that our organization gets the appropriate infrastructure to deliver on our mandated mission.

View the list of myths resulting from recent media coverage.

Defence Construction Canada

Defence Construction Canada is the government contracting authority that is overseeing the construction project.

LEED Gold Certification

Defence Construction Canada has specified that the MTA was to be built to LEED Gold certification. LEED is an international standard for construction of environmentally friendly or "green" buildings. To find out more about LEED, consult the Links page.

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